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Jersey Shore Stargate



"Merging with a Field of Love"


Experience the Energy of Connection

 A Stargate session is an energy experience that offers a connection to the higher dimensions of your being.

When you experience a Stargate session, you relax in a comfortable reclining chair in the center of the Stargate surrounded by handcrafted lead free orbs .  You wear a pair of stereo headphones, hold an orb in your hands, close your eyes and listen to encoded music specially designed to activate a field of light and information that allows you to connect with fuller knowing of all that you are.
Each Stargate session is different, opening the experience that each individual needs in that particular moment.
Experiences of those who have benefitted from a Stargate session include (but are not limited to):
deep relaxing meditation
improvement and/or release of physical issues
a release of deep emotions
seeing light in moving and changing shape and color
audible hearing of sounds
connection of guides and angels
The more consistently you experience Stargate sessions, the more your body and your being are able to hold the newer, higher vibrational patterns in your life.



 Pine Beach, NJ 08741

Benefits of DCI Stargate Life Connection Sessions & Products:

Neutralize Negative Energy

Spiritually Cleanse Homes & Buildings

Counteract Negative Emotions & Thoughts

Relieve Agitation, Depression & Sleeplessness

Stimulate Mental & Spiritual Growth

Open Up To A Higher State Of Awareness

Expand Your Awareness

Increase Your Vitality

Strengthens Your Immune System

& Nervous System

Allow You To Feel Happier

& More Positive


Ann M. Mort LPN Reiki Master/Teacher



Call 732-604-2282 to schedule a DC Life Connection session

By appointment only

Website with more information and products that you can purchase:

Please read protocol below before coming for a session:

 Protocol written and developed by Nigel Taylor

DC Stargate Astrum

Opening the Door of the Heart




The DC Stargate is a gateway to the infinite- an opening to the Heart Space of Source. It is a spiritual template made manifest in the 3rd dimension of time and space. Based upon sacred geometric patterning, encoded into the pure crystal glass  orbs and held within the Star of David hexagram, very strong field of subtle energy are generated which allow for an opening to and interaction with higher dimensions. These fields are by nature what are regarded as torsional fields, or zone point generators. The technology of the stargate was brought forth by John Haan of the Netherlands in 2008. It was received as a gift from within the inner realms of Spirit- a communion accessible now to all through the Stargate itself.


Scriptural writings are filled with references to portals of light such as the chariot of Ezekiel, the Merkabah, and others across different traditions. Vedic law refers to one such stargate as being high in the spiritual realm of the Himalayas- a portal through which the Gods enter into this 3rd dimensional existence. Such a realm is known as Shamballah.  Today, as cosmic and personal shifts accelerate, the DC Stargate Astrum technology is designed to assist individuals align rapidly with higher dimensional experiences and walk through the limitations of our receding age.


What to Expect From a Stargate Session

 There is no such thing as a standard Stargate Session. Each and every experience is unique unto itself. The very best advice to guide you is to enter it with no expectations whatsoever. The energies of the DC will activate and work on you at many different levels. Upon arrival you will be guided into the Stargate room where you will sit in a chair in the center of the Stargate. You will wear headphones, and when ready you will close your eyes and listen to the encoded music. Rather than seek to visualize or image anything going on, it is important to just be at peace, empty the mind, and have a willingness to "let go and let God". Some experience feelings, others sounds. Others images, and others think they experience nothing. However, this experience has many dimensions, all of which unfold in due course. The experience is both enjoyable and therapeutic. The benefits of the therapy can be found listed at the end of this document. After your time in the Stargate you will leave and take your experiences with you, allowing time for integration. The Personal Protocol on how best to do that is included in your session.

Suggestions to Facilitate Continual Expansion


To facilitate integration and expansion of the session it is highly recommended that you schedule at least four sessions in a row.

There are many activities that can be done to further enhance your own personal journey.


 Suggested Protocol for DC Stargate Astrum




One the day prior to your session set an intent to open your heart to the full flow of Divine Love. Send yourself to sleep with a prayer of joy and gratitude and surrender to Spirit.

Morning of Session

 Arrive on time but generally no sooner than 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Wear comfortable loose clothing; ensure that you are hydrated but not in need of a bathroom for at least the full cycle of the time in the Stargate.


The session:


You will enter the Stargate room and sit in the chair in the center of the Stargate.  The room will be ready. Once you have the headphones on, volume set, and are comfortable you will be given a small DC Orb to hold. We will leave you for the time frame of the session and come to get you at the close. The holding of the DC Orb during the session is to both energize and ground your experience. Please note that many people do prefer to wear eye patches. For health and sanitary reasons, and if this is a preference for you, please do bring your own. 



Suggestions after First Session:


Always after any energy session, there are benefits to quiet time and for stabilizing energies.  In keeping with this we offer the follow support:


a.     There is a CD recorded by Nigel Taylor specifically for the purposes of enriching you first subsequent Stargate experiences. If you choose to purchase the CD it is suggested that you listen to it each day to upscale your most recent session. It is designed to take you into the experience, link you into the energies of the Stargate and prepare you for further expansion in your subsequent visits.

b.     The acquisition of one or more of the many different sized DC Orbs and or other materials, including the CD of DC encoded music, will further your experience with the Stargate. These should be placed in your environment, used while meditating or if jewelry worn throughout the day.

c.      Keep a diary for the Stargate experience. It is highly suggested that you keep a journal of your sessions and all events that occur immediately before, during, and after the session. This includes opportunities, and other growth related experiences. This is an invaluable opportunity to grow.

d.     You can also enhance your journey by having a Reiki Session or Rising Star Session before or after a Stargate Session. Please contact Ann Mort for either one of these sessions. 732-604-2282


All DC Stargate Astrum sessions and activity should be seen in light of your personal journey into the heart.

 What the Power of Dominus Cervix Can Mean in Your Life


Dominus Cervix literally means power and represents a high form of energy.  This energy has the power to cleanse, to heal and thus to grow, on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. This energy is so powerful that it works on our light (cells), because it ensures that they oscillate at a higher resonance. As a result cell structure is improved


By touching a Dominus Cervix product a large, powerful and cleansing light field is created within a few seconds, in which everything that resonates negatively dissolves and is transformed, such as geopathic fields like negative earth rays and water veins, negative radiation, negative thoughts and negative emotions. Dominus Cervix energy has a strong purifying and healing effect.


Dominus Cervix energy is transferred to a number of products to place in and around your home and body. The most well known products are the Dominus Cervix spheres, the Orbs. They are available in different sizes, the bigger they are the more powerful their energy. There is also a range of Dominus Cervix jewelry such as necklaces and earring that you can wear so that they come into contact with your body.


Dominus Cervix Orbs are used to: 

  • Reduce geopathic stress ( such as the negative effects of earth rays, water veins and earth fault lines)
  • Neutralize negative energy
  • Spiritually cleanse homes and buildings
  • Counteract negative emotions and thoughts
  • Relieve agitation, depression and sleeplessness
  • Stimulate mental and spiritual growth
  • Open one up to a higher state of awareness

 Dominus Cervix Products Can:

  • Expand your awareness
  • Increase your vitality
  • Strengthens your immune system and nervous system
  • Allow you to feel happier and more positive

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