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Upcoming Reiki Expert Level Workshops for 2018

  Reiki Master Training Program

The Reiki Master Training Program begins Level Three of the Reiki training and it is divided into separate levels. Each level is complete and builds upon the previous one. You decide when you are ready to move on to the next level and at what pace. This program reflects a commitment, offering courses that expand and evolve. Becoming a Reiki Master is a process; an initiation alone does not make a student a teacher. Your experience and involvement with Reiki will teach you what you need to know. My role as your Master Teacher is to: guide, mentor, question, witness, and encourage you on your path. The Reiki energy, your accomplishments, my support, along with your commitment and desire, are the touch-stones to becoming the teacher you were meant to be.



Price: $250 

Prerequisite: Completion of First and Second Degree Reiki Levels

The Expert Degree begins the Level Three Reiki Training.

This certificate class is designed for Second Degree Reiki Practitioners, who are interested in deepening their Reiki practice with the added power and techniques available to Reiki Masters (without the attunement or techniques which enable one to teach Reiki to others-the Reiki Master class is taught in a separate full day class.) The attunement to this level aides in the development process of healing abilities and intuitive skills, providing an even higher energy frequency that improves the quality and effectiveness of REIKI treatments.
This level introduces:
• Attunement to and Knowledge of the first MASTER POWER SYMBOL.
• Advanced Techniques of Beaming and Scanning
• Enhanced Treatment Procedures


Sunday, September 23rd, 2018


Investment: $250.00

10 am - 4pm

3430 Sunset Ave, Suite 5, Ocean, NJ 07712

Call Ann to register


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