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Reiki Master/Teacher Certification Workshops in New Jersey

Reiki Master/Teacher Class


Sunday, July 1st, 2018




3430 Sunset Ave Suite 5

 Ocean, NJ 07712




Cost: $550.00


Payment plan available upon request


Private classes available

In this class you will receive the information for teaching all the levels of Reiki. After this class you will be required to do an internship,  the length depends on when you feel ready to teach your own class. I will observe your first class. Ongoing Support will always be available.  All of this is included in the cost of the class. For more information please call




"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. "An age old proverb. And the universe truly led me straight to Ann Mort in my search for the perfect REIKI MASTER~TEACHER for me. My training was a balanced blend of keeping it simple, yet being encouraged to learn more and more as I became ready throughout my journey with REIKI.

Ann was always there to answer my questions and did so with honesty. I love her essence of realness and grounded existence. I am well acquainted with the healing profession and there are many who throw information at you and leave you flounder to figure it out on your own, or, who appear to make it seem so mystically complex that only they have the secret ability. Ann knows that ego has no place in REIKI and she also knows we must all learn this lesson for ourselves in our own perfect time.

I often see those who want to rush their training process because REIKI seems simple enough. I admire that Ann holds to the highest standards of REIKI including time between levels~--as this is more important  than anyone can realize.. I will follow my ­Sensei's example on this with my students as well. The Attunements need time to process. The experiences are different with each client and each session, so the practitioner needs time to grow or they will encounter things they may not be prepared for. Time and experience in practice are the real teacher here. And both are the greatest tools for one who plans a professional path in REIKI (Combined of course with patience and self tx regularly.) Liken it to one not being a pianist just because they know where the notes on the piano are. There is learning, practicing and then becoming.

Some of my most beneficial training took place at the MASTER level with sitting in on and helping Ann with her classes. I would have never been as prepared to teach without observing these. I learned flexibility. I learned that you need to be able to reach people on many levels. And I learned that once a class is over, itis only the beginning of your relationship with each person in that class. I also learned that when the student is ready, the teacher will know.

I am so grateful the universe led me to Ann! THANK YOU ANN !!


Reiki Master/Teacher

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